The Importance of Style AKA Make Nationalism Sexy Again


By Active Club Tips

Before going into this topic i have spoken in person before about this to other Komrades and some guys tend to get defensive, but this is not to put down our brothers but to lift them up.
We have witnessed the rise of the internet affect our Nationalist movement in two primary ways. The first is positive, that being that we have seen the growth of our movement from one of mere individuals and ideas to one of communities and organizations. The internet now serves us, much to the chagrin of our enemies, as an organizing force, one which pulls us together, creating communities from what was once just a scattered nebula of isolated idealists. The second way that the internet affects us is negative, and that is that as a consequence of organizing on the internet, we have seen some of the destructive, anti-social, and unattractive elements of internet culture latch on to our movement, weighing us down and holding us back.

One of the most damaging remnants from the internet era of Nationalism is some of the anti-social, unfashionable or out of shape, internet addicts that want to take on the world without first taking on themselves. The truth hurts, but it is the truth that sets us free. We must all take great pride in our appearance as we do in our history and people. We cannot present our movement as poorly dressed and unhygienic.
Some of this is no fault of our own for years mainstream movies and tv sold white men that it was “manly” to not care how you and even gave the “ok” to make gay jokes towards other whites that did. We have been sold having a poor diet of “bacon and beer” and having a gut as a “man thing” (you can see this in stereotypes through many straight white male tv characters ). But this was a trick because at the same time we were sold this “form of manliness” they told other races to focus on style (although a lot of it was ridiculous) , dress, fitness. an Example are any number of commercials one being from red zone, where they show an overweight white guy in dirty ripped jeans and an untamed beard and oversized tobacco spit stained shirt being lectured by the fit black guy in new nice fitting clothes. So bottom line lets not fall into ((Hollywood stereotypes)).
To grow from the online community to an active lifestyle, the Nationalists of the future must fully embody what they believe in and become walking billboards for the movement. In this society of indifference, vulgarity, and filth, one of the easiest ways for a Nationalist to separate himself from the masses is to simply dress like he gives a shit, in clothes that fit, and which are clean and attractive. The aura given off by a well-dressed, clean, and fashionable group of men is one of irresistible intrigue and power. Things that would be “disgusting” and “evil” for any group of ordinary men suddenly become thrilling and brave for this group of cultured bad boys. This not only strengthens their own position but also creates interest in the group from potential recruits and helps to reinforce the image of an attractive Nationalist lifestyle which is far and wide-reaching. Even as a solo activist handing out flyers, you will find much more respect and interest for yourself if you dress fashionably and present yourself as the bold and sophisticated revolutionary as opposed to the “normal guy just handing out flyers”.

The next step of our struggle is not to shun the online community, the commentator, the streamer, or the “meme-lord”, but adding another approach  and building a Nationalist lifestyle which is irresistibly attractive. Dangerous and thrilling, seductive and intelligent, a lifestyle which beckons to those youth who still have within them some fighting sense of honor, dignity, and adventure.