By Active Club Tips 

Propaganda is an often overlooked aspect of our fight for what’s right. It is the best tool we have to expose ourselves to the world and to show our noble intentions and ideals. It should inspire and leave the viewers in awe and admiration, like the statues and monuments of old.

unfortunately many times we see the opposite. In our day today, we often find signs of expression of those who support our cause on our cities’ walls and streets, but these signs are lackluster at best.
Ill scribbled graffiti’s with slogans that mean nothing to the average viewer or even worse something that automatically turns the viewer away. Bad street art will never create a good image.
Would you be proud of something similar?
If we are proud of our heritage, we must honor it with well-thought-out works of beauty.

Think about it: those who want us to be miserable spend millions of dollars on entire teams of people whose only purpose is to research the best way to make an ad so compelling it will make you want to buy.

Our cause is far more important than some products: it is the future of our nation and the lives of our families. This is why you need to put effort into researching and studying your art before going out and painting graffiti.
A fighter trains before competing, he puts in the work before stepping in the ring. You should do the same when it comes to art.

Take a look at past graffiti that pop, look good, and are able to catch the eye of a passerby. Get good and show off your creativity. No one ever likes a copycat. Aim to create work that you would be proud to show even if it were to be the only thing someone saw from you.
And talking about yourself, don’t separate the art from the artist.
Your work is only as good as you are: be well-groomed, be strong, and clean. If you look good you do good and if you do good, we win!

Take care and be the best. You will thank yourself later. –