So You Have Been Doxxed – What Next

By Active Club Author and Rob Rundo

So, you’ve flown a little too close to greatness in your pursuit of a pure society and some basement-dwelling lowlife got some information on you and is spreading it around in an effort to either cause you some harm or expose you as the purest evil society has ever faced. Surely this is the end, your career is over, and you’ll have to move to Montana to farm cattle in obscurity praying that these people never find you again. You have officially been doxxed, may God have mercy on your soul.

Now, not to knock the Montana ranching life, but you may not have to take so drastic a step in order to avoid the negative consequences of your political actions. Despite the horror stories that the media loves to parade around of red-blooded Patriots being paraded on a cross for all the tolerant left to jeer at, there is a huge difference between those cases and yours that you will, if you’re smart, be able to exploit to your advantage. With just a couple of steps, you can prepare yourself to remain downrange in this culture war without fear of limpwristed reprisal.

First of all, do not panic. Your life is not over, and more likely than not these attempts will blow over within a couple of weeks to a month. The first thing to do is remain calm, and as soon as you get wind of it (or even suspect a doxing attempt) make your internet presence as difficult to access as possible. In this line of activism, if you have a public social media still you’re a fool. Private everything, make your internet presence as small as possible. If you suspect that these people may be in possession of your phone number, consider investing in a call screener or take some time and ask your provider about changing your number. Be smart about what you’re posting, if you don’t want it on the evening news, hide it and make it difficult to access by unauthorized actors.

As a victim of multiple doxing attempts, there are a couple of things to remember when it goes down. First, these people are acting in the heat of the moment, with little to no information about you save perhaps your face and in bad cases your name or other contact information. This is to your advantage because the lack of information that they have and their desperation to gain enough info to bury you can be their own downfall. The internet, after all, is full of misinformation, and you can easily with the help of nest members or other like-minded individuals disseminate counter-intel to devastating effect. Second, you have a community of willing individuals who will come to your aid. You are not alone. Many in the movement (myself included) will make calls, write emails, and hook you up with good lawyers who are in our camp if need be to help our brothers in arms.

Along those lines, if there is ever a doxing attempt that is successful against you, and your place of work or home address is ascertained, there are a couple of things you can still do to let it blow over in your favor. First, get ahead of the narrative and speak directly to your boss before they email you. Let them know that there is a malicious attempt on your character and reputation based on your having exercised your free and constitutional right to free political speech. Make it clear that if termination or other adverse effects are called for you are prepared to fight those proceedings in court, and that you were within your rights when you took the action that you are being attacked for. What you should also make every feasible effort to do is deny any involvement. If all these people have it a picture of someone who looks like you strutting around town wearing “fascionable” attire, you can always claim plausible deniability. Bottom line, make your accusers do all the work against you, force them to prove everything, concede nothing.

Whenever there is a purposeful attempt against one of our fellow’s in arms’ character, we as a community of like-minded individuals have a duty to step up and help. Moreover, we will be able to use the same salacious tactics that our enemies use against us to our own advantage.

Antifa in particular has revolutionized and streamlined the process of vouching for someone’s demonic and appalling character to conservative figures’ employers. This tactic, with a twist, can be devastatingly destructive to a doxing attempt.

For example, let’s say you’ve been doxed, and have taken all the steps outlined above to protect yourself and get ahead of the potential monsoon coming your way. What we as the community must do in the face of this is inundate the employers and companies that are being asked to wipe our brother’s employment and credibility off the face of the earth with counter-intel. The worst nightmare for a company considering firing a conservative bogeyman would be letters, phone calls, and emails saying that their employee is not a hateful person or a bad actor. They start to sweat when they see correspondence claiming that someone who works with him and knows that he is a good man is willing to contact them on the condemner’s behalf. While many companies are wary to retain someone accused of a potentially heinous activity, what they’re ultimately scared of is public outcry. Our movement is capable of producing much more significant pushback than these basement-dwelling nobodies writing Twitter hit pieces from their mother’s basement, and these companies know that. You can rest assured we will flex that power if the situation arises, and know you have a host of witnesses on your side who are honor-bound to assist you in this incredibly effective and easy manner.

All of these potential harms to your character can be daunting and have discouraged many to eschew political activism of any kind. We in this movement are not weak men, nor is there a place for weakness in this movement. We are men of conviction, and when we raise our fists to fight the understanding is that we are not boxing the air. Take the proper precautions to protect yourself and your family, and do not be foolish, but know that no matter how small this danger is it does exist nonetheless. We are here for you and are willing to stand by you, come hell or high water. Be smart, stay calm, lean on your brothers, and march with us to victory.