Setting Club Goals


Robert Rundo

It is a good idea for clubs to make a list of goals they want to accomplish. Lists will help monitor the club’s progress and keep the club from stagnating and repeating the same actions. To help with setting some goals its should be discussed at a meeting giving everyone a chance to pitch ideas. This will also grow creativity amongst the club.

Recruit 1 new member a month
drop two banners
have four meetups for fitness/mma training

Setting a list of goals for the club is equally important for the individual to develop his list of goals. The activist who sets goals and accomplishes them to improve himself will be an exemplar for others to follow, as habits tend to rub off on each other.

For the club, goals should be set monthly and for the individual, either weekly or daily, if you tend to be a procrastinator. I know I have to set mine daily to get them done and keep the routine. For all goals to be accomplished, whether for the club or personal, takes discipline and perseverance. Another thing to avoid is to over fill the list writing down every idea that comes to mind. Not only will this stress you out, but many times you will not complete any of them as your energy gets divided into too many places. Not accomplishing your goals will demoralize you and prevent you from setting new lists to accomplish. So set no more than five at least to start. Be honest with your situation when making a list so that you and your club will meet its accomplishments.