Reclaim Culture

How often have you been perusing your online forum of choice and stumbled across an epithet like the one below? “White people have no culture! They eat bland food, sit around, take family pictures in ugly sweaters at Christmastime, can’t even dance!” As unfortunate as it may be to hear, the degenerate who types such sentiment from the confines of his or her grandmother’s basement is half correct in their tirade. We, white men, have been sorely lacking in cultivating and preserving a unified culture for some time now. Unless this precedent is reversed, soon, our people will be easily swept off this mortal coil into the great goodnight.

So, what can we do as white people to preserve our culture? What is our heritage? And why should we bother? These are questions that anyone interested in championing our race must ask. And, considering you are here and reading this, I’d say there’s a good chance you fit that bill.
Our heritage as white men is, in a word, Triumph. Our bloodline is nearly single-handedly responsible for creating the world we live in today. Our Scandinavian brothers first forged a path through the great Atlantic sea to the shores of Vinland and our Spanish ancestors who established the colonies in the West Indies. The English built the colonies that our Gaelic and Teutonic forefathers tamed to build a life beyond the shores of the homeland. The heritage of our people is one of struggle against insurmountable odds to Triumph, and this precedent is what we must look to as their legacy today.

The values that facilitated this Triumph are still with us, and fealty to them must be the primary end of every white man. These central tenants can be boiled down to Family, Fraternity, and Faith. From these pillars came every expression of Triumph that can still be seen today. The nuclear family, one father, and mother united in the goal of raising offspring who will eclipse them in the pursuit of Triumph, is so powerful a pillar it is little wonder why infernal actors of all sorts attack it so viciously. The fraternal bond of all white men, be they Gael or Teuton, Slav or Saxon, is the force that has driven our people to train our bodies, call up armies, create kingdoms, blaze trails, and Triumph. Our faith, not just in an Almighty power but in our people’s Triumph, has been the guiding light of it all. The belief that our stiving is not vain, that we can create something that will last long after our bones are dust, has caused our empires to rise from ashes to reach heights never imagined by all of mankind.
And yet, we have squandered these gifts as a people. So many of our fathers were goaded into satiating themselves with simulated sirens and abandoning their families for the promise of wealth and comfort. Our kindred mothers were taught to pollute the purity of their wombs with the seed of invading peoples and to disdain to make a home in favor of promiscuity and lavish living. They were placated with the paltry alms of manufactured comfort and prosperity. Our people were told that we have no unit or single identity. They were taught to cry for “Unity through diversity” and promised that this brave new world would be a more peaceful, united era in human history. They were indoctrinated to believe that it would be better if they just resigned their ancestors’ faith and abandoned the struggle to Triumph.

We cannot make this same mistake. Our direct predecessors have handed us a dying race. If we do not stand now and capitulate our rightful place in this world, we will hand to our children a world in which they have no place at all. Our struggle is clear, the behemoth is at the gate, and our fathers’ sloth in their duties has left the gate unbarred and the drawbridge lowered.
So, how do we save our culture? That one which has been handed to us is eroded. How can we bolster it? We must return to those three Tenants of Triumph. Family, Fraternity, and Faith.

For the pillar of Family, we must work to create in our kinfolk an awareness of that which is being wrought against us. However, most importantly, we must remind them where we came from. Take the time to learn your family’s history and ascertain where it is your parents came from. Find out your ancestors’ stories, be they humble or heroic, and teach them to your kin. As far as history is concerned, speculations regarding ovens and the intricacies of the banking industry can wait. To fight against that Synagogue of Satan, you must do all to ensure your family knows what they are fighting for. Once they know that, they can be mobilized to fight against this present darkness. Be intentional with them, and don’t avoid those hard conversations; just know that first and foremost, you have to build a bond with them that is worth defending. At the absolute bare minimum, do not spend your time away from your family on holidays if they are within a feasible distance. Make an effort to pour into those who share your lineage, and lead by example as one who seeks to Triumph.

Concerning Fraternity, every white man should be Tribing Up and Training Up daily. Do not neglect to meet with those who share your worldview, and don’t be slack in recruiting others to our cause. Get fit and active today. Being out of shape and weak yesterday is a tragedy. To continue in the lifestyle that has led you to weakness and mediocrity in the world of fitness is a disgrace to your bloodline. If you do not train, you cannot fight. If you cannot fight, your brothers cannot count on you. If your brothers cannot count on you, you are useless to this cause, and you can see yourself out stage left because the white race does not need you clogging the path to our Triumph.

Finally, our commitment to the Faith of our forefathers must be unwavering and blatant to anyone you come across. Do not capitulate one inch of ground in the furtherance of our people’s posterity. Our ancestors believed that we could make something of this world, something worthwhile, and we will not be forgiven in this life or the next for squandering these blessings we have been given. If you are of faith, commit to your Lord and make an effort to bolster the faith community in your area. If you are not, still commit yourself to further that wonderful Triumph everywhere you go. Do not let your life be one that your children will remember as frivolous and unguided when your bones are meal. We have our history as a guiding light. We have a struggle as our daily penance and our race’s glorious Triumph as an earthly reward.
Our culture was once one that was the envy of the world, and it can be so again. The Will2Rise team is committed to outfitting this struggle to Triumph not only with apparel and online resources but with frameworks for living out our Triumphant Pillars. Wherever you live, you can enrich your Family, build Fraternity, and grow your Faith. There is no excuse, and your children’s posterity will be decided based on how zealously you commit yourself to follow these principles. The choice is yours, white man. Will you allow this current tribulation to define our culture, or will you aid the spirit of the white race to rise once again from the ashes to attain glorious Triumph?[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]