Moving Beyond The Past

Author, Grady Wilhelm, Active Club

In modern society, particularly in the West, the term ‘Fascism’ over the last 75 years has evolved into somewhat of a political semantic satiation. In The current political climate, capitalist and classical-liberals such as U.S President Donald Trump have been accused of either being quasi Fascist or explicitly Fascist. The absurdity of these accusations can be observed when the individuals who forge these claims are met with no suppression from the supposedly totalitarian “regime” in which they live. However, the left has effectively used this term to browbeat the Right for decades, and it has led them to victory time and time again. As the contemporary Right grows more and more submissive, the opportunity for a more authentic “New” Right expands.

There is no denying that Fascism is a phenomenon of the Right, only pseudo-Intellectuals such as the Plebeians from Prager(1) challenge their inherent relationship. Though indeed, Fascism has never been given a proper definition, political theorists like Roger Griffin have provided academia with the critical components of Fascist movements. This allowed a more mainstream growth in correctly understanding Fascism as a political theory, not merely a brutish, dictatorial ideology lacking any intellectual depth. As Fascism becomes more of a relic, the demand for something new within the far-right increases. “There is no need to derive semantic denominations or aesthetic symbols from old and historically failed ideologies”(2)

We are at the beginning of a great awakening among the western populous. We must look beyond Fascism to something greater, new times call for new measures. The Conservative Revolution, Italian Fascism, Organization Armée Secrète (OAS), and many others have given the Right invaluable insight and grand visions for the future. However, We must not allow ourselves to cling to the movements of the past only out of sentimental value or appreciation of aesthetics, instead, the Dissident Right would benefit itself by examining all movements from our past to develop a higher synthesis. This position leads us to Guilluame Faye and his theory of Archeofuturism. “Only radical thought is fruitful, for it is the only one capable of creating daring ideas to destroy the ruling ideological order or enable us to free ourselves from the vicious circle of failing systems of civilization”(3)

Though we must move beyond Fascism, it must not be to remain acceptable in the eyes of the mainstream bourgeoisie culture. Radical and dangerous thoughts must be at the center of this transformation within the Right. If anything at all, we must become more radical than Fascism, more dangerous than Fascism, and first and foremost more effective than Fascism. The idea of suprafascist, which is directly translated as ‘Super Fascist’ or beyond Fascism, Espoused by The Great Italian Traditionalist Julius Evola, is our guiding light. Evola’s utility to our position is undeniable; however, his thought overall is based in a hyper reactionary view of the world and on its own is not sufficient.  Guillaume Faye stated, “It is necessary to reconcile Evola and   Marinette”(4) we must examine all intellectuals from the ‘far-right’ and use the ‘Hammer of Nietzsche’ to extract the positive and dismantle the negative aspects of these great thinkers. From this, we can reconstruct a Right-Wing movement with new, authentic, and dangerous ideas. It is imperative that we neglect the common reactionary sentiments within the Radical Right, there is no point in trying to return to a past world, we must live in the present and look to the future. John Bruce Leonard articulated this well in his book “The New Prometheans,” “…The way back and the way ahead are one and the same”.(5)

Though we share the principles of past movements, we face new enemies and conflicts, along with those from the past. In order to competently fight a new enemy under the present circumstances, we must adopt new strategies, modern aesthetics, and new ideas. This is what Faye presents to us in with Archeofuturism.“The second axis may be defined as Archeofuturism: to envisage a future society that combines techno-scientific progress with a return to the traditional answers that stretches back into the mists of time”(6)As society is flooded by technological advancements faster than ever before, the youth of the West grow more and more dependent on the capitalist consumer society in which they live. The purpose is no longer found in great deeds, it is found in materialism, egoism, and personal gain. Our culture is losing the values of virtue and selflessness as more and more of our youth fall into the trap of nihilism. In order to combat this technological epidemic, it is necessary to rekindle the spirit of western tradition. However, it is insane to attempt to counteract the march of technological progress, or even halt it, especially after it has had so many positive influences on the West. Technology is not the issue, it is the lack of traditional values in the men who use it that has led us to this crossroads. Thus the fusion of traditionalism and of futurism is to combat the neoliberal agenda,  Which has stripped the West of her greatness.

Archeofuturism is a more realistic and effective form of Traditionalist thought; the synthesis of Archaic Traditionalism and futurism is essential in the transformation of the modern Right to a more authentic Right. We must keep looking for new ideas if we want to remain relevant to the public.  We must not allow the erg for mainstream political recognition to turn the movement into a clique of bourgeois ‘intellectuals’ who live only in the abstract world they conjure up in their own Psyche. We must keep our pens sharp and our attitude aggressive. Faye’s concept of Archeofuturism is the foundation the Radical Right needs to progress to new higher and move beyond our past failures.