Loyalty is Prime: How Active Clubs can Weather the Storm of the Geopolitical News Barrage

The war in Ukraine has united the façade Western political system and the compliant masses who still believe the show. It has had exactly the opposite effect, however, on the dissident right. Ukraine’s telegram image as a haven for militant ultra-nationalists against Russia’s apparent opposition to the globohomo empire centered in Washington D.C. has caused bitter fracture lines in the interconnected channels and chatrooms of our far-flung movement. Both sides have passion and points to make. Unless they are actively engaged in combat in the war zone, however, both sides need to make an important admission: when it comes to the mission of WN 3.0 activists, this event shouldn’t matter at all.

When the 2015-2016 online alt-right achieved the impossible, propelling their chosen candidate to an impossible electoral win, the seeds of that incarnation’s downfall were sown along with the victory. The realization that we really could affect the world through memes, skillful narrative presentation, and sheer will led to a dangerous overconfidence throughout the movement at that time. The failure of the “frog” coalition to save the candidacy of French politician Marine Le Pen just a few months later didn’t lead to the change of tactics that it should have, and years on too many pro-White activists cling to the illusion that their activities in hyperreality make them omnipotent gods capable of pulling the strings in newsworthy happenings across the world. This illusion actually robs them of what power they really do have, trapping them in an emotional stance on events over which they have absolutely no control. Meanwhile, a thousand daily opportunities for local networking, personal evolution, building wealth, and recruiting young Whites in need of our influence pass them by totally unnoticed. On their best day, maybe the new-obsessed, terminally online members of the movement share a few blackpilled memes over the apparent hopelessness of “their side’s” cause or spend a few hours flaming “the other side” in a telegram comment section before passing out late at night, a little less powerful and a lot less hopeful than they were when the day began.
Worse still is when the online bickering spills over into the solid WN 3.0 networks that Active Club members have been building for years, causing trusted members to part ways over the sudden “drop everything else” issue of a war that is being treated in the same way the normies we so often mock would treat a sportsball game. I am sure that Putin is overjoyed by his strategic new outpost in Muncie, Indiana, just as Zelenskyy had his spirits buoyed by the news that his three-man support team had planted the blue and yellow in coveted Fort Wayne. To the pro-White movement, however, the breakup of a tight six-man crew is a devastating loss at this stage of the game.

WN 3.0 crews could do with a good dose of the Serenity prayer: seeking the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, the courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference. We are completely powerless to change the outcome of this war. While the broader movement may adjust messaging to capitalize on whatever the outcome is, that work is best done by pro-White media outlets and political parties whose work requires such a stance. For local crews, the mission remains the same: Activism, Athletics, and Identity. Learn, train, fight. Enmesh yourself in your local community and build influence. Tribe and Train. The same advice we share again and again on our channels, nodding sagely, before completely abandoning all reason for the next “shiny object” news event on the tv screen.
Those of us wo have been around the movement a few years have been through countless microschisms. We’ve seen promising groups come up the ranks with a frenzy of energy, ideas, and projects only to split over some policy difference. What were they? Details get fuzzy as emotions cool and the old fights are forgotten for new ones. There was the American flag thing… surely that was a no-compromise issue worth losing important friendships for. The rallies question… that was big. Whether Molyneux was “our guy” or not… did I spell that name right? Hard to remember when the contentious figures fade into utter irrelevance again and again, taking with them stolen friendships, lost memories, and never-to-be-born visions of a future we planned together with our lost brothers. Many, many others.. always some new news event, some new Ragnarok or Apocalypse that required us to drop everything right now and ARGUE ONLINE!! This is the big one, guys! Any movement veteran who remembers such a parting of ways looks back in sorrow, wishing he and his friends had stuck it out. He wonders mournfully what they would have built together by now if they’d just chosen each other over online clout or media-driven emotion.

It’s an exhausting cycle. Most of us are looking at the war news updates with a jaded eye. This time we’ve begun to build a real parallel society. Art, culture, music, literature, and most importantly real-world friendship with true comrades. We don’t want to lose this again to the manipulations of journalists and the hyper-emotional reaction of the public to everything. We want our version of the mannerbunds that founded kingdoms and empires from the death of old orders in the days of our ancestors. We want to form the tribes that will swear oaths to each other and stand together through thick and thin until we are the last ones standing. We want bonds stronger than the storms of life, with friends who will never abandon us.

If you’re reading this as a member of a crew, make a pledge in your heart right now that you will not allow your emotions or opinions to separate you from your comrades. Decide right now that there is nothing you won’t work out with them, even if it takes fierce debate and eventual compromise. Decide that your line in the sand is drawn here, and you will not abandon another friend or another project. “Come what may” is the most important part of any oath, and it’s the one we as WN 3.0 activists finally need to write on our hearts and minds.

If you are a solo activist, decide right now that your current personal mission to find and build your own crew is more important than anything the tv might tell you. Order a sticker pack from Will 2 Rise and pledge to place a certain amount every day. Have faith in the process, that if you stick to your word the right comrades will see your signal flare and come to join you in a shared destiny. As Carl Jung once said of the great Alchemist: “No matter how isolated you are and how lonely you feel, if you do your work truly and conscientiously, unknown friends will come and seek you.” Have faith in this timeless truth, have faith in the process, and faith in yourself. Tune out of world news and tune in to your sphere of influence. Your personal empire awaits, and it’s been right in front of you your whole life.

The years fly by fast, and time runs out both for us as individuals and for our people who need a new alternative for an uncertain future. The crown of the Western world lies in the dust, waiting for the conquerors of our generation to pick it up with their sword. The world doesn’t need another 230 character diatribe on a happening somewhere in the world. It needs strong White men of action, whose honor is called loyalty. The kind of men who raise up cities of marble from fields of shattered brick. The world needs you and your friends, and you need each other.