A Living Idea

An idea can be a living, breathing thing. That is, if it is able to inspire its adherents to act. Otherwise that idea is effectively moribund – it exists only in the world of abstractions. It lives only in the mind.

For an idea to be of true worth, it must inspire its adherents to act. To act in pursuit of that idea’s objectives, to act in conjunction with the idea’s principles; to struggle, sacrifice and risk all, so that the dream of an idea can be realized.

I can think of no greater idea than the idea of nationalism. Nationalism is the immune system of the national body. It is the most primordial, instinctive and intuitive of ideas. When one thinks of political ideologies, it is perhaps the most non-ideological in the sense that nationalism embodies the most foundational ideas of a community. Before political life can begin, before the people can divide themselves along ideological lines; before we can become conscious to sectional interests within a community, nationalist ideas need to be manifest – otherwise that community, that tribe, that nation doesn’t exist in the first place.

However, we have a major problem…

Since the mass adoption of the internet, and especially the rise to prominence of the alt-right in the aftermath of Trump’s 2016 victory, our movement has succeeded in massing an invisible army of followers. There are literally tens of thousands consuming nationalist content everyday, in the form of memes, podcasts, videos, music and livestreams. Reveling in humor that is deliberately provocative, ironic and post ironic(whatever that is!).

They sit on image boards, in Telegram chats and Discord servers – most engage in an endless analysis of news and current affairs – the edgier kids might venture into more dangerous territory and fantasies about a coming race war. But whether someone is taking selfies with their siege mask on or whether they’re getting their three-piece suit on before a livestream to broadcast their hot takes on today’s news to an audience of 7, both are equally divorced from reality.

Whilst more could be said about both approaches, that is not the main point of exploration in this article. Suffice to say, both are based on fundamental misconceptions: one believes that no change can come from political activism and so advocates the solution is apocalyptic terrorism, the other that change can only come from working within the rules set out by the system. These are dead-ends that become excuses for ineffectual actions or doing nothing at all.

Accumulating an audience might seem like a victory, but it’s a shallow one. As said previously, an idea only has worth when its adherents act to make it reality. Nationalism only exists when there is a nationalist movement; a movement of the streets, in the workplaces, in the gyms and wherever the people gather.

We have a mass of people who are politically conscious – they have a comprehensive intellectual understanding of what nationalism is. The have listened to hundreds of hours of talking heads expounding our worldview; know the arguments, know the problems our race faces, the solutions to those problems, and the consequences of inaction.

Yet many do nothing.

They are scared of the doing anything because they are worried that doing something will have negative consequences for them. They say ‘I can’t join you, it will ruin my life.’ Ha! I can only laugh at this tragically pathetic mode of thought.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying the content produced by nationalists online, but it is a means to an end, not an end in itself. It serves as a means of spreading information, of inculcating people into our ideology; of creating a sense of shared identity. This is not our eventual goal, that will be: to create a physical movement that is able to effect change, win influence in our communities and gain power in some form, either soft or hard.

Doing so will be a long process, it might seem like a world away from our current reality, and to be truthful, it is. We must look to history an d understand that every revolutionary movement has stood at a similar point, The Bolsheviks were one such example:. in 1912, the Bolsheviks split permanently from the Mensheviks to form their own party, in 1916 Lenin was still living in exile in Switzerland and the Party legally functioned on a semi-underground basis. By 1917 the Tsar had been toppled, in October the Bolsheviks took control of the Provisional government and defeated their factional opponents, and by 1922 had complete control of Russia. It goes to show what a bit of energy and determination can achieve.

This is the shortcomings of a purely intellectual understanding of nationalism. It does not address the reality of how we live as White people in Western countries today. We live in an age of abundance, where every impulse can be satisfied. If I’m hungry I can have a takeaway of hyperpalatable fast food delivered in twenty minutes. I can spend my evenings playing Fifa, constructing worlds on Minecraft (Faustian spirit satisfied), watching Netflix. On those lonelier nights I can turn to the internet and watch porn depicting my most depraved desires (tfw no White GF).

Consumer capitalism has made us too comfortable. We are seeing the physical effect of this with soaring rates of obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. The mental effect is also pronounced, more people living lives alienated from others; riddled with angst, depression and anxiety.

The political effect is that many so-called nationalists are lethargic when faced with the decline of the west. They can’t break from the paradigm that the meaning of life is to be comfortable. Provided your base needs are met there is no compulsion to strive for something of higher value or to put yourself into a disagreeable position.

And in the West we live in societies where being a nationalist is not conducive to a comfortable life. We live in a system where healthy values are seen as morally unconscionable, and to uphold such values, to fight for the life of our nation means social and economic hardship.

Instead of a generation fighting for their future, we have a generation where too many are political consumers. Where their consumption of livestreams and memes is no different to the consumption of any other form of entertainment – the outcome is you remain passive and docile.

The ecosystem of live streamers, podcasts and other forms of nationalist ‘infotainment’ act to appease the desires of these consumers. Rather than calls to action, there are many in this milieu that do nothing but engage in an endless circle jerk of posturing and commentating.

That is not a movement. A movement is a dynamic entity, this is entirely stagnant. It is not going anywhere, least of all anywhere that might lead to wider, tangible social change. We need to offer something more. The podcasts might provide a theoretical education, but there comes a time where the sincere will graduate to the politics of the street, turn theory into practice.

Above all, a movement is something that aims for power, and ultimately, what good is thousands of online followers when you can’t walk down the street with your Pepe badge on without getting a smack in the face.

Before we can discuss how the nationalist movement becomes something which can win our nations back, we must address the saying that I’ve heard ad nauseam:.

“But I can’t possibly do anything. It will ruin my life!”

Let’s deal with this. You’ve probably heard the quote ‘A coward dies a thousand times before his death, but the valiant taste of death but once’ it comes from Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar. It is worth thinking about. You can make a choice, a choice to be a coward, go to your ZOG job, earn your ZOG tokens, get a ZOG mortgage and a ZOG missus, have some ZOG kids. Go on your ZOG holiday, drive your ZOG car and watch your ZOGball. Go through life being a good wage slaves, a good taxpayer and living what is considered a ‘good’ life by today’s standards.

But that choice also means being a slave. It means being emasculated and humiliated everyday of your life. You will work for a boss who passes you over for a promotion in-favor of a diversity hire, your taxes will go to funding a system that is working to replace you, the interest you pay on your mortgage will pay for the lavish lifestyles of bankers. Your missus will walk all over you whenever there is a disagreement as your spineless nature means you never stand up for yourself. Your kids will grow up resenting you, they will be taught in school white guilt and convinced that they’re non-binary; they will be beaten by ethnic bullies, and you’ll just sit back and do nothing. That is the life of a coward.

Then there is the life of an activist: this is the life of someone who has understands their worth, who respects themselves and lives, as best they can, according to their principles. They work to subvert and undermine the system that is trying to destroy them everyday. They live their life for a cause, and that cause gives their life a purpose. Beyond simply satisfying whatever craving or desire they have; they deny instant gratification, instead they focus on higher achievement. They live a life worthy of emulation. Whilst the coward lives the life of an ant, the activist lives the life of an outlaw. The modern day Ned Kelly (Shout out to Tom Sewell!) or Wat Tyler; the activists actions will echo through time and, in due course, become the tales of the new folklore. The coward dies once we takes his last breath, the activist lives forever.

Getting involved and leaving behind the political consumerism will not ruin your life, it will be the mark the point when you truly start living!

There will be difficulties, set-backs and things that just don’t work out. That action which you thought would be a good idea might not pan out as expected. That concept for a propaganda video might have gone from cool to being cringe. That project which started with so much promise might fizzle out and have no lasting impact.

More seriously, the path of resisting the modern world means inevitable collisions with the Antifa, the police and the security services. Yes, that’s right, if you’re a dissident you will attract attention from likes of the FBI, MI5, the Verfassungschutz and ASIO, depending on where you live.

In exchange for partaking in the trials an activist faces you will have an actual sense of living. Unlike the automatons serving the system, you will be living in accordance with your values, your existence will infuriate our opponents and give hope to our people. You will be working to build the world that we dream of, to destroy the new Babylon and create the new Avalon!

This is where the Active Club concept comes in: the Active Club is the vehicle through which we can begin to build a movement in the real world. We don’t wait for leaders to come and build a movement for us, to create organisations and write manifestos. We do it ourselves.

We use the means of communication that we have access to – platforms like Telegram and Gab – to connect with like-minded people living locally. Start meeting with those closest to you geographically, start working out together, start sharing skills, start producing propaganda. This is DIY – it has to be because no one is going to do it for you.

Think of this like the early Punk scene before it became commercialized and woke. Bands would book their own tours, they would go out and promote the gigs themselves. Black Flag would plaster hundreds of flyers featuring their iconic logo before a show. Most bands starting out would have to self-release a record or demo tape. A successful band would sign to an indie record label run by someone else involved in the scene like Black Flags’ Gregg Ginn who ran SST Records, Jello Biafra ran Alternative Tentacles, and Bad Religion’s Brett Gurewitz, Epitaph Records. Anywhere there was a local scene there was also any number of self-published fanzines, written, designed and distributed by the fans. A similar ethos is promoted by the Active Club.

Look around your local area, are there problems that your local Active Club could contribute to solving? This depends on the make-up of your Active Club, a group of older guys with families might want to get involved in opposing degeneracy being taught in the local primary or elementary school; maybe organize picnics and barbecues that you can invite others to. As you start to build in numbers, resources and confidence, start thinking about home schooling and removing your kids from state education altogether.

For a group comprised of younger guys, maybe think of organizing events the local youth might want to get involved in – try and create a social scene. Think about your interests: are any of you into graffiti? If there is a legal wall near you, start going down and working on your art skills, invite kids with nothing to do along. Practice doing a simple throw-up, then you can start creating banners that can be dropped over pedestrian bridges over motorways. Even if you’re not the best at drawing free form, you can make stencils out of cardboard that will still leave with something looking smart.

Into sports? Start an amateur sports team – you only need five people for a five-a-side football team – plus there are opportunities to build fan culture around the team. You can get a logo designed, incorporating some nationalist symbolism, get some stickers printed and start posting them around your local area. If you’re familiar with where you team train and are confident it won’t cause any immediate problems, you can hang a few nationalist flags to make it clear what you’re about and gives the possibility of starting conversations with passers-by. You can then move on to getting a team banner made, looking into entering an amateur league, challenging neighboring active clubs to games. As things develop you could arrange for a tournament between other active clubs, make it an event, with a barbecue, banners and plenty of pyrotechnics!

Are you into music? If you play instruments, start a band. If there aren’t enough of you to start a band, start teaching others how to play or perhaps look to organising shows with local bands, but make it something that promotes implicit nationalist values – straight edge or something along those lines? One of the advantages of the online age is that now it’s far easier for someone to produce music without on their own and to publish it with a record label. Even if you’re unable to find likeminded people to start a band with, you can still create nationalist movement and contribute to the overall culture.

It is worth noting that whilst starting a five-a-side football team won’t be the catalyst for a National Revolution, we are starting from the beginning. This is why it’s important to start small, it’s also important to do something that you’re interested in or passionate about. If you don’t care about animals don’t try appealing to Vegans or animal rights activists. If you can’t stand football, don’t try and join your local firm. Building an active club isn’t something that can be done overnight, what you’re doing needs to be sustainable and not something your going to run out of enthusiasm for in a few months.

Whilst you’re in the embryonic period, just beginning to form your active club and starting from scratch, it is important to clearly know who you are trying to appeal to. What I mean by that is, saying that you’re going to appeal to all white people is far too broad and isn’t going to happen. There is a saying in marketing ‘When marketing to everyone, you’re marketing to no one’ and is need to be taken seriously. When starting, take proper account of your human material, your interests, what skills you have; what you’re passionate about and what genuine concerns you have. Don’t go out feeding homeless people if you don’t give a shit about the homeless, after too many cold nights wandering your local town giving sandwiches in the rain, you’ll get demoralized. Find something your good at, care about and run with that.

Once you’ve found your niche, you can begin to slowly build in terms of ambition and gradually scale up once you’ve perfected doing the small stuff. This is what Patriot Front did, they started with stickers, the stickers got bigger, then they started postering, then they started using stencils, the stencils could be used to make banners too, so they started doing banner drops. Now they’re marching through Washington 200-srong.

We are not at the last chapter but the opening page. We start small, we plant seeds, nurture them and watch them grow. The Revolution will eventually flower, but only once firm foundations have been laid!